Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Looking forward to spring!

The photo above is actually from last May. We are all looking forward to spring. Warm weather. Flowers. Lots of time outdoors on walks and meeting up with our friends and family in the park! We have had some nice sunshine for this time of year already. Those walks in snow and ice are not nearly as much fun as going out when there's no slipping and sliding and falling down! Well, Jake doesn't fall down, but John does when he hits black ice and didn't see it ahead of time. Instead of those fast walks in bad weather, when spring comes we take Jake along on many expeditions just to shoot some photos, like one of the favorites below:

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tube feeding little Cavalier puppy

Above is Dr. Larry and Karen Bernstein feeding a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy with a catheter and syringe. This, I think, is a wonderful video to give you confidence to tube feed when necessary. I've tended to prefer bottle feeding when one of our Labrador litters or puppies required our help but often that isn't even an option.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Westminster Kennel Club Show

Don't miss the big annual Westminster Kennel Club show in New York coming up on Monday and Tuesday, February 11 and 12. A special note is that on Monday our television coverage jumps from first hour on USA Network over to CNBC for the following two hours. On Tuesday we have coverage on USA Network for the full 3 hours, which includes the conclusion of this big two day even with Best In Show competition and award presentation. First see the TV coverage page on Westminster KC site and then check your local listings. Last year we enjoyed it in HD here at home. As far as I've been able to tell at this time, we will not get to view the entire two nights in HD! What a let down. We'll enjoy it anyway. Jake stayed interested in this right along with us in 2007.