Saturday, June 30, 2007

New dog on the block!

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Making another friend is fun! This handsome Corgi is a recent arrival from N.C. and we met some weeks ago.

Meanwhile, it has been a week since Jake had to go to his dog doctor to have a bit of surgery to remove a foxtail which had lodged in between two toes on his left front foot. It worked its way into the side of a toe, disappearing from sight. Mirana found a swollen, weeping spot and called John's attention to it immediately. John called me, I called Murrayhill, and it was arranged for John to drop Jake off for exam. That resulted in a happily successful procedure to remove the dreaded foxtail. Jake came home that Friday night wearing a big blue Elizabethan collar and a pink wrapping around his foot! He was one sad looking pup. The wrapping was removed Saturday afternoon last week. Jake has had to endure foot soaking in a solution, which he took like a trooper, an NSAID which was finished in 4 days, and is still on his 10 day course of antibiotics 2X daily. Back to romping about the house and yard and going for walks, Jake is smiling once more. We are going to be much more watchful for the foxtail. It's the worst time of year for them, and there are little patches of them here are there along the wetlands in our area.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Reporting on Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's Day and the kids came to visit. All three generations had a GR8 time. Here's a slideshow so you can see some of what we did.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

It's a cookie!

Treat Time
Jake gets Karma biscuits or little pieces of California Natural Chicken and Rice Health Bars for his treats, both made by Natura.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Little Visitors

We had little visitors today. There were 6 of them!!! Here's small sample:
Seeing Spots

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

One year ago ~now fast forward to CA bill 1634

Here's a close up portrait shot of Jake from this week in June last year. Gotta love those eyes!
Got my eyes on you
Meanwhile, dog lovers please say no to California bill AB 1634. Read what Sharon Vanderlip, DVM has to say on the subject to fully understand all its ramifications. Never mind if you are not a California resident, because this same legislation will be coming to your state soon if living in USA. Also, please do take the time to read what John Hamil, DVM and past President of CVMA writes on the "Healthy Pets Act."
You see, reputable breeders are not the problem but rather the solution, yet it is the reputable, responsible and careful ones that will be no longer able to produce the lovely pets like Jake. He's sweet, bright, physically sound and from ancestors tested for genetic disorders. The "Healthy Pets" term itself is a misnomer for this legislation, because if you read information in the links above you'll see how this bill will bring about anything but the availability of healthy pets that are mentally and physically sound. Our Jake is a beautiful dog with an equally beautiful personality and adds so much to our lives, the lives of many people who know him. Don't let this bill become the beginning of the end! Superior genetics could be lost forever.

Please visit the links below to find out what you can do to help stop this atrocity.
No on AB 1634

Dog & Cat Owners Say No to AB 1634


Friday, June 1, 2007

Of cherry blossoms and butterflies

I'm guessing that w/ Jake being such a "guy" kind of pup, I could not get away w/ putting either the cherry blossoms or butterflies into the long hair on his ears? You'd have to admit it would be awfully cute for a portrait! Bet it would turn a few heads if he wore these into Cavalier play at Urban Fauna this Sunday!!! The sad thing is the fact that we can not make it to Urban Fauna this Sunday. The last three have been so much fun, it is hard to miss even one of these days!