Sunday, May 27, 2007

Busy playing!

So busy playing! Nice weather, lots of kids to enjoy, and Jake loves their attention. Last night a little girl who visits from Spokane even took time out from a game to cut a white rose just to give to Jake!
Rose for a Cavalier

Meanwhile, seeing that Ellie had been by to visit my blog, I had to go see her blogspot, too! That took us window shopping over @ Tia Bella's.
Gotta have one of these jackets for next winter. Do you think a crystal heart tag is over the top for a guy like Jake?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Nothing Better!

Nothing better than a couple of kids to play with, sunshine and a cool breeze, a field to run in!
Thru the field
In 2001, Mary Straus of Pleasanton started to provide information about canine nutrition and homemade diets. Noting an article today in Contra Costa Times, we found her site and were happy to see the Natura line of foods getting positive reviews in the first paragraph when we went to Dog Aware. Jake is eating one of their kibbles and several different treats also made by Natura line Karma and California Natural.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mothers Day

We all saw to it that Carol, my Mummy, had a special Mothers Day! Here's a rare opportunity to meet the whole family at one time here in this album. (use the slideshow feature for full screen, fast loading view) We even had veggie pizza and salad from Pizzicato, or at least the people-types did. I got my usual half home cooked special doggie stew and half Karma kibble, which I'll admit I really enjoy. Sometimes for the kibble part I get one of the California Natural kibbles. They're by Natura and so far all their products have tested safe. Yummy foods and treats, baked at their own plant. They don't make foods for companies other than those owned by Natura, either. My family likes that!
Cast on L arm, lead in Rt hand!"/>
That's Thea w/ me in the park, part of Mother's Day fun. And below, you'll find Marjan, Carol, Thea taking me around to the water fountain. John, Clint and Anneka are running around the playground!

Mothers Day

Friday, May 11, 2007

The trendy shop ahead of the season

Jake's friend Spot got his car coat at Georges.
Do click on Spot's name to see how cool he looks! Jake must have one of these for next fall.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Jake is just a naturally happy guy!

Jake (yes, it's him again!)
Reading Dr. J, particularly on diet, vaccines, spay and neuter. Food tips particularly helpful!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Tuesday reading

This afternoon we're back to reading the latest on "what's really in our food, both for Jake and also for humans in general. Starting on Itchmo, we moved along to Washington Post reporter and live chat w/ Dr. Poppenga, a board-certified veterinary toxicologist @UC Davis. One of the most interesting links from cruising thru this today is from Environmental Working Group site "Human exposures to BPA approach or exceed toxic doses." There are other good reads on that same site following their own links on left side of page. All food for thought but not necessarily for consumption! Also worth a read is Pet Connection report on another recall that may be coming.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Urban Fauna & Park Blocks today

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Click on photo of John and Jake and see album for Urban Fauna pictures!

Our flag

Our flag flies this week in honor of Bud "General KK" Felker, laid to rest in Willamette National Cemetery on Friday. Here are John and Jake, me behind the lense...thinking of Bud and remembering the good times.
J 'n J

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Menu Foods and Generic Drugs=strange bedfellows

I ran across an interesting blog today, showing a link between Menu Foods and MDS, Inc., a generic drug maker that also got itself into a bit of trouble. At least one common link is Robert Luba. Now how much responsibility he actually bears in this, I can only speculate. Also, how is it that dog food that doesn't contain any of the added vegetable proteins proven toxic but made by Menu Foods contain enough Melamine to cause a problem? I'm surprised that some test positive for Melamine when the companies bearing their label have more testing done. You'd think the amounts in the last two situations would be minute. But the companies are recalling them, nonetheless.

Wait a minute, 'tho. Recalled food has already been fed to pigs, chickens, farm raised fish and who knows what else. The FDA first tells us it was OK to eat animals raised on this and now they're saying all the chickens, pigs, etc., should be purchased and destroyed. I note it was purchased w/ our tax dollars and not putting the burden on the suppliers who knowingly sold toxic product. Does that make any sense to you?

I see "organic chicken" being advertised by a local chain store. Chickens advertised as not only organic but fed vegetable based feed only. OK, the Melamine laced glutens were vegetable source. Just what goes into our food chain, how far back the chain, and how much of it? What if I go to great lengths to feed my family organic and cook w/ organic ingredients for our beloved Jake...just exactly how pure is that food? Only purely expensive but no less toxic? At least part of the public is waking up. Now I wonder what effect we can have in the long run. Meanwhile, here's Jake demonstrating that he's faster to grab a kiss than I am to grab the shot w/ him looking right at me as I click the shutter!
Another gotcha

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Menu Foods expands recall

Today Menu foods expanded their recall due to cross-contamination of products they made for name brand pet food companies. Do click on graphic below and pass this along to all your dog and cat owning families and friends!

Get The Latest Pet Food Recall Info

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Yearly vaccines

I've heard from more than one source that yearly vaccines could have lethal consequenses for your dog. This was quite likely the case with our beloved Suki. The topic is quite timely because Jake just had his last Friday. Not lepto, at least not yet. His vet took a long time explaining why it might be a good idea. I want him protected but I am not totally convinced that lepto immunization is appropriate for a Cavalier. The vaccine this clinic uses is a relatively new one by Pfizer and supposedly will not cause a fatal reaction. Lepto can sometimes be fatal. Will get more info from people who have been in Cavaliers a long time, particularly ones living in my general area and see what they are doing this year. Meanwhile read what this writer just published today.

The FDA finally admits to the scope of the tainted food problem, reporting 4,150 pet deaths confirmed to date. Now how many others out there can not be confirmed? Many, I think.
Hanging out together