Friday, August 3, 2007

Jake went to the groomer today

We had Jake's groomer trim his feathering way back today, especially around the feet. Jake is still on antibiotics from infection that started w/ his getting into foxtail. A foxtail buried into his toe and started to migrate upwards. Fortunately found in surgery, the foxtail was removed but Jake popped up w/ an infection later on the other side of that same toe. We are just hoping it is not yet but another, separate foxtail! He's feeling fine these days. Here you see John has Jake's favorite toy, and Jake is looking like "Mom, I want him to give me my friend back right now!
Gimme My Toy!
Success! Jake got his toy, named "Muppet," tossed for him to catch.
Jake loves Muppet!
Jake knows the name of each of his stuffed toys! This one is his favorite of all.
Meet "Muppet"
Back from the groomer