Friday, September 14, 2007

Jake and his dinner feasts

Jake certainly eats an interesting and varied diet. I had not meant it to be quite so varied, but due to trying to keep ahead of recalled foods and even foods that might later be recalled due to reports of sick dogs that had been eating them, Jake has gotten to taste varieties of a number of brands. We settled on Canidae for kibble. He was already started on half of each meal being home cooked, so the other half became Canidae All Life Stages, with Canidae Chicken and Rice for one bag. He liked that arrangement! Then we tried Orijen Adult to rotate for the kibble, and that was a big winner. Today we got a small bag of the new Orijen Six Fish, which will work well for treats and later to rotate with his Orijen Adult. The only catch may be that this food suddenly exploded in popularity in the USA, and I'm not certain how long it will be available in my area until production is ramped up. It would be a shame if the sudden increase in demand is too much for them to maintain their usual supply of ingredients and quality control. People have reported to me that Orijen has helped their dogs' coats. Jake's is certainly shining these days.