Monday, July 21, 2008

Thinking about CA AB 1634

~by John

This is same number but a new bill from last year's MSN (Mandatory Spay Neuter)which failed. It's a much better bill yet still leaves concerns. See the AKC News for details. To quote just a part from that "However, the American Kennel Club remains concerned that under this new bill localities are still permitted to enact mandatory spay/neuter laws, as well as the potential for abuse of enforcement."

Edited to note that CA AB 1634 "mutated" several times and now may be slipped into another bill altogether. This is an outrage. AKC for a time went from supporting their AKC membership, to supporting an altered AB 1634, sidestepped to neutral and, I think, now due to somebody actually thinking it through as Levine went back on his word, AKC is once again opposed to any bill currently up for vote with this MSN language embedded in it. The officers and baord members of AKC should be full of shame for not holding firm against this bill in the first place, supporting their good members in California.

The answer is first to enforce local laws already on the books. The second step is to address the very large problem of puppy mills. Those are regulated by Dept of Agriculture and will not be touched by this pending legislation and yet that is where the largest part of the problem lies.