Saturday, February 7, 2009

Vivi Anne Koehring

Isn't this the most adorable puppy and equally precious photo of Vivi Anne with one of Cindy Koehring's Spaniel Bowls! A beautiful Blenheim owned and bred by Cindy, "Vivi Anne" is 14 weeks old in this shot. Cindy also made the Spaniel Bowl. Jake has a set of the bowls and seems very attached to them. He gets so upset when his water bowl goes into the dishwasher we have had to order a second bowl just to keep peace in the household. Jake even started barking at the counter top when his clean food dish was up there instead of on the floor. I decided no harm in having this dish on the floor next to his water bowl and so Jake got his way. Again! (photo above of Vivi Anne by Cindy Koehring and used with permission)
Here is Jake with his Spaniel Bowls Spaniel Bowls at dinner time
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