Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oregon Lobby Update, HB 2470

We're not pleased at all with Oregon's HB 2470. On Monday, March 30, Oregon HB 2470 is anticipated to receive its second hearing and a possible vote at 3:00 pm that day in the House Consumer Protection Committee. We strongly feel that we can make the greatest impact by combining our lobbying efforts with especially high turnout at the hearing.

has made it clear that their goal is to identify a realistic, enforceable way to help eliminate substandard kennels that won’t unfairly target and punish responsible breeders. The message to convey on March 30th will be that responsible animal owners want to support legislation that punishes unethical breeders, and NAIA has an alternative solution that we can all stand behind. Let's all get behind this message! Safeguard the rights of responsible dog owners, responsible and ethical breeders.