Friday, March 30, 2007

Fertilizer/melamine also found in recalled foods

Another chemical, melamine, found in the food eaten by sick pets is headline on both FOX and ABC news this morning. Melamine is used in the manufacture of plastics and is also a fertilizer. ABC news reports it was also found in the wheat gluten imported from Asia.

And this makes me wonder what would be found if the foods on the "safe" list were subjected to the same careful scrutiny. Those "safe" foods are probably still OK to feed, because the wheat gluten was tested for melamine, and it did indeed contain it.

At least for the time being, Jake is being switched to organic food made with only US ingredients. His treats are going to be all organic as well. Or he will get apple bits, oven baked liver, and other things from our own kitchen for treats.

Also New York Times has an excellent article today on the latest from F.D.A. on tainted dog food. F.D.A. officials have not yet released the name of the dry dog food that received the tainted wheat gluten because it may not have yet been put into their food.