Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pet food news gets worse

According to an article in the San Jose Mercury News this morning, "FDA and independent laboratories have found a chemical called melamine in pet food samples, imported wheat gluten and urine and tissue from diseased pets. He said melamine is used in fertilizer in Asia and in plastic products, but is not registered as a fertilizer in the United States." I'm also reading that at the moment there is no guarantee that these contaminants did not make their way into the human foods produced here in the USA, but there is no evidence that this has happened. Not yet.

This makes me take a second look in our pantry. The thought of urine and tissue from diseased pets in either dog food or human food is beyond disgusting. I wonder if in the long run any substantial changes will be made or will these headlines fade away, as well as our memory of these findings. For now it is at least causing people to read labels. However, I'm thinking that sometimes what is not on the label is the bigger problem. You won't find "urine" or "tissue from diseased pets" on any label in either your pet food store or any of your supermarkets. So what are we actually consuming these days?

I checked the FDA website after reading the news this morning from various news sources. Doesn't this FDA page look a bit as if it were designed for early grade school children? It also seems to be a bit of a whitewash, misleading those who might see it into thinking that the issue is resolved when indeed it is not. I hope dog and cat owners of America will turn to products that tell you right up front on their website where each ingredient comes from. It would be nice if they'd also disclose readily what company manufactures their food products. I doubt we'll see the latter any time soon.