Tuesday, June 5, 2007

One year ago ~now fast forward to CA bill 1634

Here's a close up portrait shot of Jake from this week in June last year. Gotta love those eyes!
Got my eyes on you
Meanwhile, dog lovers please say no to California bill AB 1634. Read what Sharon Vanderlip, DVM has to say on the subject to fully understand all its ramifications. Never mind if you are not a California resident, because this same legislation will be coming to your state soon if living in USA. Also, please do take the time to read what John Hamil, DVM and past President of CVMA writes on the "Healthy Pets Act."
You see, reputable breeders are not the problem but rather the solution, yet it is the reputable, responsible and careful ones that will be no longer able to produce the lovely pets like Jake. He's sweet, bright, physically sound and from ancestors tested for genetic disorders. The "Healthy Pets" term itself is a misnomer for this legislation, because if you read information in the links above you'll see how this bill will bring about anything but the availability of healthy pets that are mentally and physically sound. Our Jake is a beautiful dog with an equally beautiful personality and adds so much to our lives, the lives of many people who know him. Don't let this bill become the beginning of the end! Superior genetics could be lost forever.

Please visit the links below to find out what you can do to help stop this atrocity.
No on AB 1634

Dog & Cat Owners Say No to AB 1634