Saturday, June 30, 2007

New dog on the block!

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Making another friend is fun! This handsome Corgi is a recent arrival from N.C. and we met some weeks ago.

Meanwhile, it has been a week since Jake had to go to his dog doctor to have a bit of surgery to remove a foxtail which had lodged in between two toes on his left front foot. It worked its way into the side of a toe, disappearing from sight. Mirana found a swollen, weeping spot and called John's attention to it immediately. John called me, I called Murrayhill, and it was arranged for John to drop Jake off for exam. That resulted in a happily successful procedure to remove the dreaded foxtail. Jake came home that Friday night wearing a big blue Elizabethan collar and a pink wrapping around his foot! He was one sad looking pup. The wrapping was removed Saturday afternoon last week. Jake has had to endure foot soaking in a solution, which he took like a trooper, an NSAID which was finished in 4 days, and is still on his 10 day course of antibiotics 2X daily. Back to romping about the house and yard and going for walks, Jake is smiling once more. We are going to be much more watchful for the foxtail. It's the worst time of year for them, and there are little patches of them here are there along the wetlands in our area.