Saturday, May 5, 2007

Menu Foods and Generic Drugs=strange bedfellows

I ran across an interesting blog today, showing a link between Menu Foods and MDS, Inc., a generic drug maker that also got itself into a bit of trouble. At least one common link is Robert Luba. Now how much responsibility he actually bears in this, I can only speculate. Also, how is it that dog food that doesn't contain any of the added vegetable proteins proven toxic but made by Menu Foods contain enough Melamine to cause a problem? I'm surprised that some test positive for Melamine when the companies bearing their label have more testing done. You'd think the amounts in the last two situations would be minute. But the companies are recalling them, nonetheless.

Wait a minute, 'tho. Recalled food has already been fed to pigs, chickens, farm raised fish and who knows what else. The FDA first tells us it was OK to eat animals raised on this and now they're saying all the chickens, pigs, etc., should be purchased and destroyed. I note it was purchased w/ our tax dollars and not putting the burden on the suppliers who knowingly sold toxic product. Does that make any sense to you?

I see "organic chicken" being advertised by a local chain store. Chickens advertised as not only organic but fed vegetable based feed only. OK, the Melamine laced glutens were vegetable source. Just what goes into our food chain, how far back the chain, and how much of it? What if I go to great lengths to feed my family organic and cook w/ organic ingredients for our beloved Jake...just exactly how pure is that food? Only purely expensive but no less toxic? At least part of the public is waking up. Now I wonder what effect we can have in the long run. Meanwhile, here's Jake demonstrating that he's faster to grab a kiss than I am to grab the shot w/ him looking right at me as I click the shutter!
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