Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Yearly vaccines

I've heard from more than one source that yearly vaccines could have lethal consequenses for your dog. This was quite likely the case with our beloved Suki. The topic is quite timely because Jake just had his last Friday. Not lepto, at least not yet. His vet took a long time explaining why it might be a good idea. I want him protected but I am not totally convinced that lepto immunization is appropriate for a Cavalier. The vaccine this clinic uses is a relatively new one by Pfizer and supposedly will not cause a fatal reaction. Lepto can sometimes be fatal. Will get more info from people who have been in Cavaliers a long time, particularly ones living in my general area and see what they are doing this year. Meanwhile read what this writer just published today.

The FDA finally admits to the scope of the tainted food problem, reporting 4,150 pet deaths confirmed to date. Now how many others out there can not be confirmed? Many, I think.
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