Friday, May 16, 2008

Hot Friday!

By the time Carol (that's me, Jake's Private Secretary) got dressed and ready to venture outside it was already 99 in the shade, so Jake and John went for a very abbreviated walk. Perhaps all three of us will venture out tonight! Dinner is leftover salmon, cooked on the grill w/ slices of lemon and also fresh dill on Wednesday. We'll steam a few veggies and call it good. Jake will get a bit of all of it, minced up and served over his kibble.

Jake loves his handmade Spaniel Bowls. I must get photos of him eating out of the food one, drinking from the water bowl that is nicely designed so his ears don't get wet. Cindy Koehring made the "Alfred Blue" ones for Jake!

We three got out for that Friday night walk. The sky was beautiful, but of course by the time I got my camera the best of it was gone, so I just took some night shots of Jake. This is interesting when it is pitch dark and you're shooting a black dog.