Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It is time for Jake's annual routine visit to his veterinarian. He'll have physical exam, blood work, stool sample checked and perhaps urinalysis as well. (His physical is definitely more thorough than any we get these days, and this is a good thing.) Next comes the question of vaccines, and here is where the water gets a bit muddy. His last rabies was a year ago. It was for 3 years, so that is not in question. I'm leaning towards asking to have titers done before giving any other immunizations. The actual appropriate thing to do depends on the individual dog, the geographical area you live in, and also the general lifestyle of the dog and family. I lean towards the "older" way of doing things if dealing with a hunting dog, show or competition dog, one that goes camping all over in the USA, and those in "doggy day care." This would call for annual vaccinations, no question at all. Jake is much more exposed to things than just the average little housedog but much less than those involved in competition and exposure to large numbers of strange dogs.

Here is what the AAHA has to say on the topic of canine vaccination.

Then there is Dr. Jean Dodds recommended vaccination protocols.