Monday, May 5, 2008

Please vote no on Oregon Measure 53

They have conversations!
Please vote no on Oregon Measure 53........

On the surface, it sounds like a good idea...give the police power to confiscate money,
guns, drugs, etc., and, oh, by the way... find loving homes for neglected animals without having to wait for
due process. Few people are going to find any harm in this measure
unless they understand the mentality of those who managed to slide in
the animal connection.
They have these conversations....

The problem with Measure 53 is that animal shelters and rescues
nationwide have become infiltrated with animal rights activists
associated with organizations whose agendas are not really to protect
animals, but to eliminate the rights of pet owners to have companion
pets or working dogs or horses at all
. These groups are actively working
to have mandatory spay and neuter laws passed in a number of states and
communities, and we are fighting AB 1634 in California again,
after the hard work of many fanciers managed to get it tabled last year.
The quickest way to prevent pet ownership after all is to make it
impossible for any more puppies or kittens to be born. If they cannot
pass MSN (Mandatory Spay/Neuter) laws, the next logical step is to simply find ways to take
animals away from their legal owners without due process.

If there was any reasonable assurance that this sort of forfeiture law
would only be used in situations where animals were being neglected and
were at risk, it might be worth supporting, but given the political
tactics I've seen in the AR movement to date, and seeing how the humane
movement has been hijacked by the animal rights extremists, I am
personally concerned that this will become a means for ARs to target
even conscientious pet owners and breeders and gain control of their
animals, whether those animals need "rescuing" or not... but by the time
the situation is ever sorted out, the animals will be neutered and long

VOTE NO ON MEASURE 53!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jake & Carol/me ~by John