Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday! TGTIF day again

Late Thursday night and Friday recalls kept hitting our email alerts from Itchmo and later from the FDA. That was the bad news, but the good news is at the same time we have solutions to the growing questions of what to feed.

Jake went to his vet today for "junior wellness exam" and first part of his boosters. We asked about our new adventure in home cooking. She said it could be absolutely fine but must be done correctly. She's seen dogs do very well on this approach and recommended talking to UC Davis Veterinary School. They will do telephone consults on canine nutrition!!! I'll be calling, armed w/ all my questions from the last month of many hours of research into proper recipes for Jake. He weighed in at 21 1/2# and she'd like to see him take off about 1/2#. That should be easy. Fewer biscuits, John...and w/ nice weather Jake will be playing in the yard more in addition to his usual twice daily walks that always occur rain or shine (what sunshine...this is the Pacific NW?) during the winter.

I found my email from The Honest Kitchen today interesting. Also someone on the Itchmo boards suggested Dr. Harvey's. I don't want to feed a raw diet, but otoh the vegetable mix that allows me to add my own cooked meat in the correct proportion would work fine if it is one of those days we might have run out of prepared home cooked and want to provide the usual tasty dinner. This would have the added advantage of already including proper vitamins and minerals. Both Honest Kitchen and Dr. Harvey's have things that would fit into our new eating plan for Jake, which will not include raw meats. Organic food that these two companies make themselves so they should know exactly what they're putting into it. Or at least one hopes that will be the case. AAR, these two companies are worth your checking out if you are among the growing number of concerned about the four footed family members of the household.