Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Some good things

Some good things have come out of the pet food recall. Dog owners are paying more attention to what is actually in the food they're buying for their four footed family members. Reading labels in detail has become a priority, as has knowing the source of the ingredients in your dog's food. Some of what were thought by most of us to be the best foods have been part of the recall. Jake's dry food, Eukanuba, was not recalled and does not contain the wheat gluten. But it's name is on the list because of other products carrying the Eukanuba label. Hill's Science Diet also has some on the recall list. We're fortunate that none of the foods our Jake has ever tasted were on this list. Not this time. What about next time?

There are no 100% foolproof ways to select what is best. There are too many variables, from ingredient source to production, quality control, shipping and storage. I'm going to do my best to select products made from only US ingredients, hopefully USDA inspected ingredients. That seems a good place to start.

The recall has prompted me to start doing research on canine nutrition. I have already learned that all chicken versus "chicken meal" on the list isn't necessarily better. Unless there is an allergy, I've learned there is no need for "single source protein." Now a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel may have some different needs than many dogs. I doubt they would have ever faired well in the wild! Some hearty dogs could probably eat just like a wolf and thrive. There's alot to learn. I've only just begun.

Only Natural Pet Store Responds to Pet Food Recall as Sales Skyrocket is an interesting article. No wonder the foods they offer are doing well. If your town doesn't have stores carrying the brand/s you want, check out the Only Natural Pet Store online.

PetsUSA has a list of foods that have NOT been recalled.