Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Natura's Karma Dog Food

From news today on the Natura website, there is a statement that the rice protein (gluten) used in their Karma is 100% safe and not from the source that caused problems w/ other foods. This is good news for Jake, because he loves this particular kibble. It's even better news for me, because I became concerned when reading that it was indeed rice gluten that had been put into the Natural Balance products causing their latest problem. CNN has an excellent article up today on their site about the expanded recall. FDA finally has taken action! Note CNN's statement "The FDA has since embargoed all shipments into the United States from the Chinese supplier of the suspect wheat gluten." I wondered why this had not happened. Seems it has! Now if only this Chinese supplier doesn't get around the embargo by simply using a midde man to ship in from another country.

Karma dry dog food made it onto the Whole Dog Jounal list of "Top Dry Foods for 2007," along with a number of others from it's parent company, Natura. The list on Whole Dog Jounal was full of good foods, and although some of the companies did indeed have to pull a few products the exact products named in WDJ have not at this time been part of the recent recalls due to illness and death in so many dogs.

On a lighter note, I found "The DogGie BaG, a Bistro for Dogs" online today. They also have 4 brick and mortar locations! Gotta love it! If you are interested in home cooked meals for your canine, do take a look at their recipes for dogs. I have not tried these yet and I would suggest just to be on the safe side talk to your vet before starting a home cooked diet for the dogs in your life. I think Monica Segal's site is also a good place to start for home cooked meals for dogs. She has a book, as well as booklets available.

Feeding my two legged family is easy, but suddenly feeding Jake has become a complex responsiblity.