Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Rice protein now suspected

Natural Balance is not recalling two foods that are causing problems. They suspect the rice protein, which is the only change they have made in these two foods. See an article just out today. This is a bit alarming, because we've just started using "Karma," a premium food from Natura line. Karma contains a rice gluten. The rice used in Karma is orgainic, grown in America. Natural Balance suspected rice is also grown in America. Uh-oh! I talked to Karma just last week and was quite satisfied w/ the way they answered all my questions. It's time to place another call before our Jake gets one more bite. It's going to be home cooking for him until all this sorts out.

Since originally posting this I have spoken w/ Karma and have been assured that they are aware of the issue of rice protein in the Natural Balance and that Karma does not use the same supplier. Also Karma is manufactured at it's parent company's plant in California. This plant is owned by Natura and makes only their own lines. Karma is tested by Oregon Tilth for purity. I'm reassured but still cautious, even 'tho Karma spokesperson tells me they have had no reports of ill dogs, dogs w/ kidney problems, etc., at all. Jake will get his Karma for dinner after all. That's today. We'll see what tomorrow brings.