Thursday, April 26, 2007

Recipes for Dogs

There's an awfully cute site called "The DoGie BaG, a Bistro for Dogs" which has recipes of dogs page. Their Daily Feeding Guidelines for a 20 lb. Dog fit Jake's 23 lb rather well. He certainly approved wholeheartedly of what we prepared from it for a week's worth of food! Usually a picky eater at best he dove right in two nights in a row and polished his bowl. The "fun" part of DoGie BaG recipes is the variety they afford. They list proteins, carbs and veggies allowing choices in each category and telling you how much for each category by weight or volume. Then the recipe tells what to add in addition to make it complete and balanced. So easy to make a whole week's worth at once. We used well washed cups from Nancy's Yogurt, filling almost to the top. Two go in the fridge, four in the freezer to be defrosted as needed, the remaining helping goes into his bowl for that first night. In the interest of full disclosure we're using 1/2 the total amount for a full meal and putting his favorite dry kibble, Karma by Natura on top for the other half of his dinner. Friday Jake goes to his vet. We'll discuss what we're doing and get her recommendations. Also, I expect soon Monica Segal's K9 Kitchen will arrive. It was back ordered, and no wonder with the constant flow of recalls and less than full disclosure on the part of Menu Foods. The advice from Monica Segal will be specific for Jake after I read the book and have a consultation by email. I expect she will approve of the recipe Jake is having this week but may "tweak" it a bit as far as the supplements. Will report back on this tale of what Jake is eating and how he likes it as time goes along.
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