Monday, April 16, 2007

Natural Balance Venison and Brown Rice

If your dog is being fed Natural Balance Venison and Brown Rice, you will want to do an immediate substitution. See the headline now on the Natural Balance website. There is more detailed info on Itchmo's blog, as posted earlier. I did call Natural Balance and finally got thru, asking if there were any reports of illness connected w/ their Natural Balance Ultra Premium kibble. They said it was "completely safe." Of course, they also thought their Vension and Brown Rice was safe until last week. Perhaps it is and these reports they have received and what we're reading on responses to Itchmo's post are related to something else? Stay tuned.

Oh...and as if this were not enough, Royal Canin Vet's Choice in a spot outside the USA is reported by their Sunday Times to have killed 14 dogs and sickened more. I doubt that this will carry over in any way to the Royal Canin foods here.